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WORK : we have produced over 133 films (listed below)
Documentary - Web  - Tourism - Training - Safety - Induction - Corporate - Educational - Mining
CASA Certified Drone Operator and Pilot -
we travel Australia wide. 



Sharing Culture : https://vimeo.com/146200999
CICA Cranes in the Community - Spa Installation : https://vimeo.com/145227975
CICA Cranes in the Community - Tower Crane Removal : https://vimeo.com/144770926
CICA Cranes and the Economy : https://vimeo.com/132553637

Welocme to Arrium Mining: http://youtu.be/PSdGO_NaB0w
Welocme to OneSteel Whyalla Steelworks : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItjgcE67SYo
Aboriginal Heritage - Training and Safety : https://vimeo.com/80713807
NETCO "EmberArresta" -
Bushfire Protection Gutter Outlet & Downpipe Valve : https://vimeo.com/122825276
GMUSG & SACOME 2013-14 Resource Industry Conference & Expo Highlights : https://vimeo.com/115334420
Global Maintenance USG : http://youtu.be/SZ7zeh7mMs4
Aboriginal Employment in Mining : http://youtu.be/4aOizvKAyUc
Aboriginal Cultural Tours - South Australia : https://vimeo.com/123360231
Port Pirie Huey Museum - Opening : https://vimeo.com/110127257
Gadaleta Steel Fabrication : http://youtu.be/78SmA3zSerA
Caring for Country People / UnitingCare Wesley Country SA : http://youtu.be/FZoWulMP83A
Global Maintenance USG 2012 Conference highlights: http://youtu.be/-q9HBj6-TtE
Salbush Surf : http://youtu.be/Y7Ktdil0fzU
SAFE Toolbox series / compilation promo : http://youtu.be/DtKZKRAgHew
SAFE Manual Handling : http://youtu.be/b5DGVyAJeaM

Tarndanya, Situated Documentary Augmented Reality App - Concept teaser video :

Sharing Culture : https://vimeo.com/146200999
Bobby Brown Homelands : https://vimeo.com/119231410
King's Seal documentary Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYXiwk24pnc
Bikes and Broken Bones Trailer : http://youtu.be/yJou5JHMO9I
King's Letters Patent with Stephen Goldsmith (from the film King's Seal) : https://vimeo.com/119947037
Letters Patent Protest, South Australia : http://youtu.be/s6WM9Kn5Ey8
Outback Fossil Hunters teaser : http://youtu.be/4qTXyT9r8a8

Drone Cinematographers Australia : Extended TV spot : https://vimeo.com/173236554
There's Nothing Cool about Littering / TVC : http://youtu.be/La9yBuJDZjs
Help Stop Illegal Dumping / TVC : http://youtu.be/evyN6aPdc-Q
Uniting Care Wesley Country SA / Celebrating 100 years TVC : http://youtu.be/msTUW_lKyK4

"Helping keep people Safe"

Award Winning Safety series
SAFE Toolbox
SAFE Mining and Quarrying

10 films

Website Link : www.safe-mining.com

Video previews:

Winner Best Safety video
2013 AVPA National Award

Aboriginal Heritage
Training and Safety

Australian First 
"FREE ACCESS" Video : A practical step-by-step visual guide to the structures, protocols and procedures needed to respectfully help educate, understand and navigate the Aboriginal Heritage Process. The video has been produced with the help of Aboriginal people and industry, specifically for Land Developers, Miners, Explorers, Energy, Oil and Gas Producers, Civil Engineers, Building Contractors, Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Geologists, Government Depts, Tertiary Students and Aboriginal Groups. It's important to understand that some of the processes in this video will differ for some Aboriginal groups. But in all cases, the key to successful outcomes is involving Aboriginal groups in meaningful and honest consultation very early in any development proposal and maintaining respect and understanding throughout the whole process.

FREE PLAY / DOWNLOAD LINK : https://vimeo.com/80713807

" The video is excellent!! Really impressive".

"I think this is the most comprehensive and intelligent information that I have seen produced in this area, congratulations for the significant effort and work that has gone into this".

"Congratulations on the video – it looks fantastic. It is obvious a lot of hard work has gone into this and it’s great to see something come out that should really educate developers and the general public regarding heritage management".

"Well done with this project. I look forward to the final product – I will certainly use it with my in-company training/awareness".

"I think it looks great and not just for new explorers but also for new Aboriginal groups that haven’t worked with companies before particularly in the field".
Made possible with support from these Innovative Industry Leaders:
* Rex Minerals
* Royal Resources
* Beach Energy
* Regional Development Australia, Whyalla
   and Eyre Peninsula
* TrustPower Australia
* Ironbark Heritage and Environment (IHE)
* South Australian Museum
* MAQOHSC : SA Mining and Quarrying
   OH&S Committee
* DMITRE : SA Dept of Manufacturing, Innovation,
   Trade, Resources and Energy
*And supported by SACOME : SA Chamber of Mines
   and Energy

* SACOME: And supported by SACOME: “As an advocate of proactive, positive engagement the SA Chamber of Mines and Energy welcomes this instructive DVD and its contribution to achieving good outcomes for all parties.”

Quenten Agius (Multi-award winning Traditional Owner)......"If Aboriginal groups, miners, land developers, archaeologists, anthropologists and government depts all understand the process and work together, we can produce good outcomes. Aboriginal groups around the nation encounter many difficulties when negotiating with miners and land developers and as a result conflicts occur and significant Aboriginal heritage, Australia’s ancient heritage, is destroyed. We have had bad experiences and also negotiated good outcomes. The need for this training video comes from our experiences and the lack of understanding by all parties”.

Initiative by Award Winning Team: MAV Media and Quenten Agius (multi-award winning Traditional Owner). MAV Media are multi-award winning filmmakers and one of the nation’s leading producers of OH&S, Induction and Training videos/dvds for the Mining, Quarrying and Resources Processing Industries.

Kim Mavromatis (Multi-award winning filmmaker)

Quenten Agius

* Multi-award winning Traditional Owner.
* Owner / Operator, Aboriginal Cultural Tours -
    South Australia.
* 13 times state and regional Tourism Award Winner
    (Aboriginal, Heritage and Cultural Tourism).
* Multi-award winning filmmaker.
* 3 National Tourism Accreditations (Tourism
   Australia, Eco Tourism Australia, ROC Respecting
    our Culture).
* National Parks and Wildlife Certified.
* Tourism Australia Aboriginal Tourism Champion.
* Chairperson, Ngadjuri Native Title group.
* Chairperson, Adjahdura Narungga Heritage group.
* web site: www.aboriginalsa.com.au

Over 14 years, worked with Olympic Dam training and safety people, to produce over 50 Induction,
OH&S and Training videos/dvds - many winning National Awards. Helping to keep workers Safe.

* See programs produced below.

We have produced AWARD WINNING Training, OH&S and Induction videos/dvds for a number of major Australian client

* See programs produced below.

International and National Award Winning Films

Tarndanya - Situated Documentary Augmented Reality App
Exciting new inovative concept - Requires Investors

Concept teaser video link : https://vimeo.com/76124997 

Watch Now - Video On Demand
click VOD link below

(1 hour TV documentary)

Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYXiwk24pnc

Website: www.kingsseal.com.au

King’s Seal is a film about Aboriginal people with little voice, fighting for justice and recognition of rights that were granted and enshrined in the law of the land, then denied.

King's Seal reveals the hidden history of Australia's first Aboriginal Land rights, documents the struggle for recognition of rights that were granted then denied to South Australia's Aboriginal people and exposes the breaches occuring today.

In 1836, the King of the British Empire (King William IV) enshrined into law the "Letters Patent", the founding document that established the state of South Australia. The "Letters Patent" also included a priviso that granted Aboriginal people the legal right to occupy and enjoy their land for always, enshrined in law by the King's seal.

175 years later, what this film exposes is a complete disregard of the truth and the Letters Patent by South Australia's founding fathers (Colonial Commissioners).  Rights that were acknowledged and granted to South Australia's Aboriginal people by the British King in the Letters Patent  were completely ignored. What actually occurred was a denial of rights, treason, conspiracy, theft, murder and breaches against South Australia's Aboriginal people. Consecutive governments have ignored the legal rights in the King's Letters Patent, still enshrined in law today and South Australia's Aboriginal people and Descendants live with the consequences every day.

6 years in the making. From the producers of the international award winning documentary Sacred Ground. From hidden history, to fishing rights, desecration of Aboriginal burial grounds, British Nuclear testing, to the High Court of Australia. This award winning film gives Aboriginal people with little voice, a voice. This is their story.

The King's Letters Patent (South Australia's Founding document) is very clear  - it states : ..."Provided always that nothing in those our Letters Patent contained shall affect or be construed to affect the rights of any Aboriginal Natives of the said province to the actual occupation or enjoyment in their own persons or in the persons of their descendants of any lands there in now actually occupied or enjoyed by such natives".

A film by Kim Mavromatis and Quenten Agius


WINNER Best Indigenous film
2015 People of Passion International Film Festival, Melbourne.

Global Film Award of Merit / Special Mention
Category : Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
2015 IndieFest Global Film Awards, USA

International Award of Merit  / Documentary short
2015 International Film Festival for Environment, Health and Culture, Indonesia

"Bobby Brown Homelands" (Short from the film King's Seal)
Winner Best Film - 2015 Footprints Eco Film Festival, Sydney.
Nominated Best Documentary - 2015 South Australian Screen Awards.
38th Festival du film court en plein air de Grenoble, France - Official Selection.

2015 Commfest Global Community Film Festival, Toronto
Official Selection

2015 Universe Multicultural Film Festival, California, USA
Official Selection

2015 DocFeed Documentary Festival, Netherlands
Official Selection

2015 FIFO Pacific International Documentary Film Festival, Tahiti
Official Selection

2014 TV Broadcast - National Indigenous TV (NITV) Australia

Produced by MAV Media.
Produced in Association with NITV Australia.
Developed and Produced with the Assistance of South Australian Film Corporation.
Principal Investor Screen Australia.
Copyright 2014 MAV Media and SAFC

Copyright 2014

Website: www.kingsseal.com.au

Trailer :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYXiwk24pnc

4 x 26min Documentary Adventure series

Director: Kim Mavromatis
Producers: Kim Mavromatis and Carlos Alperin

Teaser on youtube:


Requires Investors.

Currently in production. This teaser was edited from the film crew's first expedition with our Outback Fossil Hunters (Tom, Sharon and Dick). The film crew is about to embark on their third expedition with Tom, Sharon and Dick, and will edit a new teaser (with the new title) in the next few months.

Log Line
The quest to discover Australia's Fossil Treasures - Australia's Outback Sea Monsters. An Adventure, 100 million years in the making.

Central Characters: Australia's most obsessed and prolific fossil hunters:
Tom and Sharon Hurley and Dinosaur Dick Suter. 

Since the first dinosaur fossil discovery, the world has been fascinated with Dinosaurs. 95% of all new fossil discoveries are made by amateur fossil collectors. This adventure documentary series takes us into the extraordinary world of 3 of Australia's most obsessed and prolific outback fossil hunters - the legendary Dinosaur Dick Suter (Boulia, Qld) and gifted husband and wife team, Tom and Sharon Hurley (Andamooka, SA). Call them fossil collectors or amateur dinosaur hunters or fossil whisperers, they are the modern day Indiana Jones's of the Australian outback. Their obsession with fossils leads Tom and Sharon half way across the country to the dinosaur fields of outback Queensland, near the small community of Boulia, where they team up with Dinosaur Dick, curator of the remarkable Boulia Marine Reptile Fossil Museum. Set in the most astonishing Queensland and South Australian outback environments, the series documents their amazing adventures as they discover Australia's fossil treasures and awesome 100 million year old outback sea monsters. On their journey they share their stories, secrets, knowledge and lifelong fascination with fossils and the Australian outback.

Film festival version: 70mins (2011)
TV series: 3 x half hour
Extended preview: 10mins
Trailer: 3mins

Trailer on youtube:

Facebook site:

X-treme Video "Wipeout of the Week" Youtube TV Channel: 

Multi-Award Winning documentary
Director: Ben Heidrich
Producers: Kim Mavromatis and
Ben Heidrich

TV Broadcasts:
2012 Australia TV Premiere on FUEL TV
2012 Brazil TV Globosat SporTV

2011 Nominated Best Documentary
           Official Selection "International Film Festival of Australasia",
           Barossa Film Festival, South Australia (Oct).
AWARDED "RUNNER UP" Best Documentary Cinematography:
           Nominated Best Sports Doco and Best Doco Cinematography.
Official Selection: Action on Film (AOF) International Film Festival,
          California, USA (July) North American Premiere
           Film Festival, South Australia  (Feb) - SOLD OUT 11 Days before
            scheduled screening
2011 "WINNER" Best Adventure professional film (for 10min Extended
- WAFF Wee Adventure Film Festival,  Ireland (Feb)        
2011 "FINALIST" Best Feature Film, South Australia Screen Awards 
           (and Screening)  
Adelaide, Australia (May)
2011 "OFFICIAL SELECTION" International Film Festival of Australasia
             Barossa Valley, Australia (October)
2011 "OFFICIAL SELECTION" Cairns Adventure Film Festival
            Cairns, Australia (May)
2011 "OFFICIAL SELECTION" Go Big or Go Home (GBOGH) Extreme Film
            Festival, Ireland

2011 "OFFICIAL SELECTION" Adventure Weekend, 
Dublin, Ireland (May)
2011 "OFFICIAL SELECTION" Sea Sessions Surf and Music Festival,
            Bundoran, Ireland (June)
2010 "WINNER" Best Sports Documentary - AVPA National Awards
             (Australian Video Producers Assoc)

If you can't handle the sight of blood, broken bones or bodies smashing into the earth, don't watch this film.

Log Line:

Would you risk injury or death for something you love to do?

BIKES AND BROKEN BONES is a multi-award winning documentary feature/series that captures the essence of adventure sports: the rush, the exhilaration, the drama, the great outdoors and the fun. The feature/series documents a year in the life of an underground Freestyle Motocross (FMX) rider. It's a journey into the heart and soul of Freestyle Motocross in Australia and the generation of daredevils who literally push their bodies and bikes to breaking point. Directed by first-time filmmaker (and FMX rider) Ben Heidrich, Co-Produced by Kim Mavromatis and shot and narrated by the riders (5 central characters), the feature/series documents their uninhibited and extremely entertaining adventures. Enjoy the ride.


International: X-Treme Video: http://www.x-tremevideo.com
International /
Australia : Galloping Films: http://www.gallopingfilms.com
Australia: DVD Sales: mav@mavmedia.com.au

56 mins  and 2 x 26mins (2007)

Multi-Award Winning documentary
Director / Producer: Kim Mavromatis

Associate Producer / Central Character : Quenten Agius


* 4 International and National Awards.
* 12 International film festival Official Selections.
* 3 other nominations for Best International Documentary.
* ABC and 5 TV networks (International and national) licensed
    the film for broadcast.

* Currently screening on NITV.
* 80 Educational institutions and libraries purchased dvds.
* 5 other public screenings.

Critically acclaimed as one of the year’s most significant Aboriginal films – Sacred Ground is an international award-winning documentary that tells the true story of Aboriginal people fighting to save what's left of their ancient heritage and culture. Quenten Agius discovers his ancestor’s ancient skeletal remains in the middle of a multi-million dollar housing development. This life changing moment forms the central story of his emotional journey. 7 years in the making, Quenten and his mob have the guts to stand up, to speak out and express their views, to fight for what they believe in - Sacred Ground is their story. 

web site: www.sacredground.com.au


Australia: Educational sales: ABC Sales:

Australia: DVD sales: mav@mavmedia.com.au
International: Galloping Films: http://www.gallopingfilms.com

Developed and Produced in Association with:
South Australian Film Corporation
Screen Australia


We offer a complete solution: TVCs, web videos, radio ads, design of marketing materials, posters, flyers, signs, business cards and simple web design. Whatever you need, we can create.

Quenten Agius and Kim Mavromatis at the South Australian Tourism Awards (Nov 2012) - Quenten with his "HALL of FAME" trophy
Quenten Agius - Twice Winner South Australian Tourism "HALL of FAME" (2012 and 2015).
or the past 14 years MAV Media have produced media, marketing materials and submissions for "Aboriginal Cultural Tours - South Australia". We are really proud of our involvement with Quenten and his business. He is a shining light for his people.

Quenten's achievements include:
* Winner 17 state and regional Tourism Awards (Aboriginal, Heritage and Cultural
* Twice Winner SA Tourism Hall of Fame.
* 3 national Tourism Accreditations (Tourism Australia tick, Eco Tourism Australia,
    ROC Respecting our Culture).
* National Parks and Wildlife Certified.
* Tourism Australia Aboriginal Tourism Champion.
* Web site: www.aboriginalsa.com.au (created by MAV Media)


Produced Over 133 Programs
Multi-media content creators: Documentary, safety, training, induction, educational, corporate and web videos. (Unless otherwise stated, credits include cinematographer, editor, director, producer and writer).

Sharing Culture 4mins 2015 (www.aboriginalsa.com.au) Aboriginal Cultural Tours SA
King's Seal  53 mins  2014  (www.kingsseal.com.au)  (Co-Producers : Kim Mavromatis and Quenten Agius)
Bobby Brown Homelands (short from the film King's Seal) : 5mins 2014
King's Letters Patent with Stephen Goldsmith (from the film King's Seal) : 4mins  2014
Letters Patent Protest, South Australia 12 mins 2013
Sacred Ground 56 mins and 2 x 26min eps.
Bikes and Broken Bones 70mins and 3 x half hour series (Director, Co-Producer, Editor, Camera: Ben Heidrich / Co-Producer, Additional Editing, Online Editor: Kim Mavromatis).
One Economy Return Please - Images of South Vietnam  52 mins (Cinematographer, Editor: Kim Mavromatis).
Australia's Friendliest Festival  55 mins.
The Best of Country Music 75 mins.
Dementia, Family Carers Experiences 24 mins.
Travel Bugs Around the World (Short pilot: reality travel TV series)  12 mins.
CICA : Cranes in the Community - Tower Crane Removal (2015 / 2m 30s) (Co-Producers : Kim Mavromatis & Stephen Holmes GTK Traning).
CICA : Cranes in the Community - Spa Installation (2015 / 2m 40s) (Co-Producers : Kim Mavromatis & Stephen Holmes GTK Traning).
CICA : Cranes and our Economy  (3min / 2015) (Co-Producers : Kim Mavromatis and Stephen Holmes GTK Traning)
CICA : Powerlines  (11mins / 2015) (Co-Producers : Kim Mavromatis and Stephen Holmes GTK Traning)
CICA : PreStart Checks CICA Logbook : 2014 (Co-Producers : Kim Mavromatis and Stephen Holmes GTK Traning)
CICA : Safe Use of Vehicle Loading Cranes  (15mins / 2013) (Co-Producers : Kim Mavromatis and Stephen Holmes GTK Traning)
ONESTEEL WHYALLA STEELWORKS : Welcome to video - induction version : 12 mins  2014
ABORIGINAL HERITAGE - Training and Safety / 29mins  / 2013 (Co-Producers : Kim Mavromatis and Quenten Agius)
ARRIUM MINING: Welcome to Arrium Mining - induction version : 12 mins 2013
ALINTA ENERGY: SAFE Entry and Exit of Mobile Plant  14mins
MAQOHSC: Toolbox series: 5 x short films: Dust - Noise - Access Egress - Traffic - Risk Assessment
MAQOHSC: SAFE Isolation Procedures (x2) 26mins
MAQOHSC: SAFE Manual Handling  (x2) 25mins
MAQOHSC: SAFE Conveyors  (x2) 14mins
MAQOHSC: SAFE Mobile Plant  (x2) 16mins
MAQOHSC: SACOME: SAFE Mining & Quarrying  (x2) 28mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Quarry Induction  17mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Haul Rd Induction 13mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Handscaling  10mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Surface Mobile Equipment Visibility 11mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Laboratory Area Induction 25mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Control Dropped Object Hazards  13mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - CAF Plant Induction (x2) 28mins /  29mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Electronic Tagging System  6mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Core Processing (x2) 28mins / 28mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Mobile Equipment Visibility 10mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Fixed Plant Induction 30mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Mine Induction (x 4)  50mins  / 53mins / 55mins / 56mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Road to Zero Harm.  12mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Visitor Information (x 3)   12mins  / 14mins / 18mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Mine Visitor Additional Information dvd 9mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Site Induction  ( x 2)   35mins / 33mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Smelter Area Induction dvd (x 2)   41mins  / 45mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Slimes Treatment Goldroom Induction 20mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Refinery Induction  21mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Boiler Dust 7mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Underground Safety Signs   15 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Concentrator Hydromet Induction   22 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Site Induction  (x2) 45 mins / 47mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Mine Visitor Induction 16mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Isolation Procedures 16 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Radiation & Ventilation   15 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Smelter Alarms  5mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Quality Assurance 12 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Life Saver 60 Self Rescuer  7 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Mine Self Rescuers  12 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Slimes Treatment Goldroom Area Induction  30 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Handscaling  10mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Mine visitor information and induction 20 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Process plant information and induction  22 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Short Term Contractor Site Induction  30 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Site Induction (x2) 40mins  / 41mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Smelter Area Induction (x2)  35mins / 32mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Refinery Area Induction (x2) 37mins / 30mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Don't count on your back - Back injury prevention. 30 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Mill Hydromet SX area Induction.  34 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Analytical Laboratory Induction.  29 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Hydromet Induction.  17 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: SX Area Induction  (x2) 19mins  / 20mins
BHP LPD Whyalla:   Structural Mill Induction. 18 mins
BHP LPD Whyalla:   Isolation Procedures. 15 mins
BHP LPD Whyalla:   Safety awareness in the workplace. 7 mins
BHP LPD Whyalla:   Slabmaking Induction  18 mins
BHP LPD Whyalla:   Steelmaking & Casting Induction  25 mins
PASMINCO Port Pirie Smelter : Lockout Isolations   15 mins
PASMINCO Port Pirie Smelter : Contractor induction (x2) 26 mins
PASMINCO Port Pirie Smelter : Danger tags, site policy and regulations.  15 mins
NYRSTAR PORT PIRIE SMELTER: Site Induction (x2) 35 mins
NYRSTAR PORT PIRIE SMELTER: Safe Permit to work  15 mins
ECOS ENTERPRISES :  Snakebite in Australia, prevention and first aid.   55 mins

"Sharing Culture" Aboriginal Cultural Tours SA 4mins  2015
Nyrstar Port Pirie Smelter - Leadership   4mins  2015
ONESTEEL -  5 decades of Whyalla Steelworks (5 x short films) 2015
Netco - EmberArresta vid  5mins  2015
Nyrstar Port Pirie Smelter - 125 years   8mins  2014
ONESTEEL WHYALLA STEELWORKS : Welcome to video - promotional version : 7 mins  2014
ARRIUM MINING: Welcome to Arrium Mining - promotional version : 8 mins 2013
GLOBAL MAINTENANCE USG Teaser vids : 1min 30secs and 3mins 2013 / 2014
GADALETA STEEL FABRICATION  / 2mins 30secs  2013
GADALETA STEEL FABRICATION  : Celebrating 20 years / 7mins  2013
GADALETA STEEL FABRICATION : Cranage and Rigging / 2mins  2013
CRANES: South Australian Crane Association / 3mins
BHP BILLITON: Olympic Dam - Automated Blister Tapping - Olympic Dam World First  9mins
AUST TUNA BOAT OWNERS: Aust Bluefin Tuna, Fishing with vision. (Post only) 14 mins
AUST BLUEFIN : Bluefin Tuna, Sustainability in Action.  (Post production only)  11 mins
BST OYSTER SUPPLIES  : Adjustable long line oyster growing system.   12 mins
BHP LPD Whyalla:  The making of steel, Whyalla SA.  17 mins
BHP LPD Whyalla:   Reed bed water filtration project.   15 mins
BHP LPD Whyalla:   People, the best and getting better.  5 min
BHP LPD Whyalla:   Iron Knob History.  15 mins
BHP LPD Whyalla:   Simply the best.  4 mins
BHP LPD Whyalla:   Business and the environment, a partnership.  7 mins
BHP LPD Whyalla:   Steel, Whyalla's way.   18 mins
BHP LPD Whyalla:   MD’s farewell.  20 mins
KELLY ENGINEERING: Chain harrows 5mins
HELPING HAND: Appeal  10mins
EYRE PENINSULA DEVELOPMENT BOARD: Eyre Peninsula Regional Strategy (Post) 12 mins
PASMINCO Port Pirie Smelter :  Rail wagon covers.    18 mins
PASMINCO  Port Pirie Smelter : Tall stack review. 1, 2 and 3.   30 mins each
SPENCER INSTITUTE OF TAFE : Vocational education and training.   11 mins
WMC Olympic Dam: Commitment to safety.  4min
WEDB (WHYALLA ECONOMIC DEVELOP BOARD): Whyalla industrial advantage 18 mins
WEDB: Tioxide. 12 mins
PPRDB (PT PIRIE REGIONAL DEVELOP BOARD): Murray Basin Mineral Sands.  7 mins
PPRDB: Discover the Magnificent Southern Flinders Ranges. 11 mins
PPRDB: Port Pirie Regional Tourism and Arts Centre. 15 mins
PPRDB: Manufacturing Opportunities in Port Pirie South Australia- Containers.  5 mins
PPRDB: Port Pirie - South Australia's Productive City. 12 mins
PPRDB: Port Pirie Educational Opportunities.  5 mins
Port Pirie Regional Council: Port Pirie Multicultural day. 7 mins
RESOURCE CO:  Corporate.  9 mins
NUTBUSH RETREAT: Corporate  5 mins
GRAIN TURBO PTY LTD: Grain Turbo.   15 mins
WHYALLA HOSPITAL:  Rural training for allied health students.  15 mins

Drone Cinematographers Australia : extended TV spot 2016
Greg Fidge Grey Independent: www.greyindependent.org.au
Sacred Ground: www.sacredground.com.au
Aboriginal Cultural Tours: www.adjahdura.com.au
Safe Mining and Quarrying: www.safe-mining.com
MAV Media Pty Ltd: www.mavmedia.com.au
TVC’S (see youtube links above)
There's Nothing Cool about Littering
Help Stop Illegal Dumping
Uniting Care Wesley Country SA / Celebrating 100 years
Grey Independent / 2013 Election / Squabling Roosters
Produced over 700 TVC’s


News/CAF Camera Freelance
Filmed 100’s of major events (sporting, stage and social): From the Queen’s visit to the Adelaide, Clipsal 500 and SBS Insight pgm.